⇨Product, Price, Distribution(Place), Promotionの4Pを知り、マーケティングに役立てましょう!












ビジネスの場で、実際にプレゼンをするとしたら… 社内で重役を前に… クライアントに自社のアイディアをプレゼンする時…      皆さんはどのようなプレゼンをしますか?実際にビジネスの場を想定して、プレゼン方法・強調したいポイントを考えてみてください!








プラン構成: How to Prepare a Marketing Planも参照しながら、プランを練ってください!


Strategies to improve your marketing plan and presentation

★ ️Capture the features of 4P to help your research

⇨Product, Price, Distribution(Place), and Promotion

★ Determine case of decrease in sales or slackened growth

⇨The first step is to clarify any problems in the company.

★ Weigh the solutions

⇨After clarifying the problems, create creative solutions to solve them.

★ Verify the validity of the solutions based on their effects and feasibility 

⇨It is important to not only be creative, but also think logically about effectiveness of the plan.

 ★ Be prepared for answer and question

⇨After your presentation, you will have QA session by judges who are professionals in the bag industry. Your response will be critical for making a good impression of your plans.

 Use effective words and phrases

⇨Choose words that are likely to inspire, motivate and persuade the judges, audience members and consumers.

★ Think how to use visual aids to best effect

⇨How to present data? How to use video effectively?

★ How to give a speech

⇨ Speaking with confidence, using gestures naturally, varying tone of voice and pitch are key elements of public speaking.

We hope these strategies help your plan and presentation!